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Our vision is to make healthcare accessible to everyone so that we can all enjoy a healthy life.

We harness the power of AI to provide affordable clinical support tools that make disease screening easy, anytime, anywhere.

Make more informed clinical decisions with speed, accuracy and confidence and ensure the best health outcomes for your patients.

Eyetelligence Assure is AI-based software that analyses retinal images for features of the three major blinding eye diseases: glaucoma, referrable diabetic retinopathy and referrable nAMD

User-friendly traffic light system

The traffic light results make it easy for all clinicians and staff in your practice to screen for disease and monitor progression, no matter their level of expertise or experience.

Better patient outcomes

Facilitates the perfect balance between human expertise and technology, helping you to make clinical decisions with speed, accuracy and confidence.

Greater practice efficiency

Fits seamlessly into your workflow utilising existing equipment to help ensure consistent care by all staff and improve efficiency by qualifying appropriate in-clinic tests.

“AI won’t replace clinicians, but clinicians who use AI will replace those who don’t” – The Medical Futurist

Approved and supported by the best


Regulatory approved

Ready to see what Eyetelligence can do?

Screen and manage serious eye diseases with confidence, efficiency and consistency, and continue to strive for better health outcomes for your patients.

Latest News

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Australian First: TGA Approved AI Platform for Optometry

Mivision editor, Melanie Kell, interviews Professor Harry Weisinger on the announcement of the new Eyetelligence clinical decision-support software.

Professor He Awarded Major MRFF Grant

Eyetelligence’s CMO, Professor He, was awarded a $5M grant by MRFF to lead development of an integrated AI eye screening system for use in primary care settings.

Eyetelligence named as exclusive technical and commercial partner.

Eyetelligence – equipping optometry for disease detection

Mivision examines how, through the power of AI, Eyetelligence’s new TGA-approved software is able to provide clinical decision support to optometrists, and complement their expertise when screening and managing eye diseases.