Eyetelligence Assure

Boost the power of your digital fundus camera and make more informed decisions for your patients with speed, accuracy, and confidence.

How it works

  1. Install Eyetelligence Assure on a PC connected to your digital fundus camera.
  2. Take patient retinal images. These will appear in the interface.
  3. Choose the images you want to be analysed.
  4. Receive analysis within seconds for features of glaucoma, referable DR or n-AMD.
  5. Check the results section for a list of the day’s patients and results.
  6. Click to view and download your clinical report or patient report, both complete with your logo.

Certainty is just the beginning

Greater efficiency

Qualifies the need for appropriate in-clinic investigations (VFT, OCT) and ensures accurate referrals.

Greater compliance and care

Generates clinical reports for your records and for qualified, accurate referrals, and patient reports to support your clinical recommendations.

Inexpensive – no need to buy additional equipment

Fits seamlessly into your existing workflow and makes your existing diagnostic equipment ‘work harder’.

Total confidentiality

Your patients’ privacy is priority. Eyetelligence Assure is an offline solution, meaning no patient data is ever stored on public servers or in the cloud.

 Clinical Decision Support

Glaucoma detection support in seconds

Glaucoma detection is challenging, even for a specialist. While you never want to miss a true glaucoma patient, you also don’t want to perform visual field tests (VFT) unnecessarily. Eyetelligence Assure allows you to triage patients and identify those who need a VTF.

The AI algorithm is trained not only on the “easy” cases (absolute normal and absolute abnormal), but also on “challenging” cases, such as physiological cupping, localised RNFL defect and disc haemorrhage, as well as with co-existing eye diseases such as pathologic myopia.

Diabetic Retinopathy screening support with grading

Consistent with the RANZCO Screening and Referral Pathway, Eyetelligence Assure grades DR so a clinician can determine whether the patient requires further monitoring or referral. Additionally, the clinical report indicates the level of confidence in the grading for DR. The clinical report includes a confidence level for each of the grades of:
• No DR
• Mild non-proliferative DR (NPDR)
• Moderate NPDR
• Severe NPDR
• Proliferative DR

*This application is intended for use in people over the age of 40, results for patients under 40 should be interpreted with caution.

Referrable nAMD screening support

Eyetelligence Assure has been trained to recognise the features of neovascular age-related macular degeneration (nAMD). The results are displayed as either green (no nAMD present) or red (nAMD is present).

It is important to note that Eyetelligence Assure does not detect features of early, intermediate AMD and geographic atrophy AMD.

Clinical & Patient Reports

Eyetelligence Assure has two in-built reports to support your clinical recommendations, both complete with your practice logo.

The clinical or ‘fundus grading report‘ can be viewed on both the capture PC and on a PC connected to the practice intranet using any browser. Results with descriptions are shown in the report, along with a confidence level (where a high % means a higher confidence of a correct grading). If diabetic retinopathy is present, it will provide a grade according to features identified, using the International Council of Ophthalmology Guidelines for Diabetic Eye Care (2017).

The patient report promotes greater loyalty and provides a value-add take-home report your patient can share with their family. The report supports your recommendations and reminds the patient of follow-up appointments.

Build patient loyalty


  • Promotes efficient and thorough evaluations.
  • Printable patient reports increase service satisfaction and helps patients to better understand your clinical recommendations.
  • Assured by investments in the latest technology for their benefit.

Practice owners

  • Improves practice efficiency by qualifying the need for appropriate in-clinic investigations (VFT, OCT) and accurate referrals.
  • Standardises disease screening process, regardless of your practice setting, staff experience, or practice equipment.
  • As an offline solution, no patient data is stored on public servers or in the cloud, ensuring total confidentiality.


  • Reduces risks of missing diagnosis and identifies cases that may require further investigation.
  • Enhances patient outcomes – 95% accuracy* in eye disease screening and grading.
  • Educates patients – generates patient reports and images to support your clinical recommendations and promote ongoing compliance.

Choose the plan that’s right for you

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6+ Camera Licences

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